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Printable Minds

About Us
Printable Minds is a small, Alberta-based team that started in 2015 with a single self-built 3D printer. Our mission is to infuse contemporary art, technology and engineering into functional art- pieces or objects. Inspired by the cities that we have lived in (Calgary, Edmonton, Paris, San Francisco and Taipei), our passion is to create artwork that sparks an appreciation for one’s surroundings.

Our Maps
We believe maps tell never-ending stories about a community. Maps encapsulate where we live, how we move, and depict the natural habitats and urban infrastructures that form a city's bloodstream. Using laser cutting and etching techniques, vibrant and globalized metropolitans are cast into wood.

Interesting fact - All of Printable Minds’ city maps are designed to fit on wood pieces that are of the exact same size, hence every line on the map had to be hand-sketched into a 3D modelling software, a process which took many months to complete. Any two lines closer than 1mm would result in burning/blackening of the wood during laser processing. All this to say – this is not a Google© map!

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