Bookshelf Cat Embroidery Kit


Beginner-friendly embroidery kit with comprehensive instructions. A perfect autumnal activity!

These kits are sourced from Calgary-based business, Chiller Whale Art. The kits are designed to give you a relaxing, mindful experience to help you unplug and relax. Kits, or finished pieces stitched by you, can also make great gifts for loved ones!

Kit includes:

  • Fabric with pre-printed design
  • Detailed instructions on how to get started, and a stitching guide for this pattern (these are available via scannable QR code. If you require an emailed copy or a hard copy, please let us know).
  • One embroidery hoop (6 inches in diameter)
  • 2 embroidery needles of different sizes
  • All the thread necessary to complete this design
  • "Practice Fabric and thread" - extra scrap piece of fabric and some thread to use if you want to practice new stitches.

    100% of proceeds from this purchase support the Calgary Public Library. 

    About the Local Business:

    Chiller Whale Art got its start when its founder, Emily, went looking for activities to keep busy and quiet the mind during the first stages of the pandemic. Emily was grateful to have time during the spring 2020 lockdown to try new things, and fell 100% in love with everything about embroidery.

    As someone living with OCD and ADHD, Emily values meditative activities that can help draw her out of her own head for a while. She immediately found the tactile, hands-on nature of embroidery engaging. She loves the peaceful rhythm of stitching, the sound of the needle punching through the fabric, and the fact that every stitch is its own creative decision. Emily hopes that through offering the most beginner-friendly kits out there, she can help many more people discover stitching as a form of self-care. We are so proud to have Chiller Whale Art as part of the Library Store family of vendors! 

    More support materials for beginners can be found on the Chiller Whale Art website: They have videos to walk you through all of the basic stitches that you'll need for this pattern.

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