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Button's Books Collection Fund


The Button's Books collection is a way for you to honour our friend and community leader Jim Button by making a donation to purchase a book that will go into circulation at the Calgary Public Library.

Button's Books will be made up of up to 100 titles selected by a combined group of donors like you. These are books that we want to dedicate to our good pal, Jim.

With your $1000 donation, you will get to choose a book that will be part of the Button's Books collection at the Calgary Public Library. The library will purchase up to 20 copies (with a minimum of 5) of each title and distribute them among the 21 locations across our city.

In the "Special Instructions" section of the donation page, please rank your three preferred book purchases from 1-3, with a brief note (less than 60 words) explaining why you chose this book in honour of Jim.

Books could be digital or physical copies depending on availability.
Physical books will contain:
  • a sticker on the outside of the book in the top left corner
  • a bookplate inside the book with URL to the online booklist
If you want to be part of the 100 people that help bring Button's Book to life, please contact Robin Padanyi, Donor Relations Officer with the Calgary Public Library Foundation.
Email:  Phone: 403-221-4107

What types of titles?
  • Titles that are in print and available (typically books published in the last 5-10 years or classics). The library applies the same acquisition and material selection policy to the Jim Button’s Books as they would any material.
How many copies of titles?
  • The library would purchase up to 20 copies (minimum 5) of each title and distribute them among the 20 (soon to be 21) locations.
What does the $1000 donation go towards?
  • The $1000 donation will go towards purchasing copies of one of your three preferred book titles for circulation in the Calgary Public Library system. Beyond the purchase of a book for Button's Books, your donation will go towards the important programs and services that run across Calgary throughout the 21 library locations.

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